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Become the Person That Inner Whisper Has Been Calling You To Be

Become the Person That Inner Whisper Has Been Calling You To Be

Leslie Will Help You

Find Your Calling

Discover the missing pieces that have kept you from stepping into your real work.

Fund Your Calling

Uncover ways to make your paid work and your real work become one & the same.

Fulfill your Calling

Walk fully in your purpose while impacting the people and causes who matter most.

Become All You Were Created To Be

If you are like my other clients, you are a determined, big-hearted action taker who has already accomplished many things.

Yet, you’ve probably felt “different” for as long as you can remember. And, by now you’ve learned that life is hard. Every time it throws something new at you, you’ve been able to overcome. But we both know how easy it is to hide in your accomplishments (and in all the recognition that goes along with that).

Deep inside, you know you are meant for more. The problem is, you’re not certain what that “more” is, OR you’re not quite sure how to bring it to pass. And as much as you try to bury yourself in further achievements, you can’t ignore that persistent whisper and get on with life.

I’ve been there, too.

And I’ve come to realize that Your greatest security, your happiness, and your utmost fulfilment is in becoming ALL of whom YOU were created to be.

I’m here to help you with that.

How Does It Work?

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What My Clients Say

Drew Hudgins, Signature Brand Architect

“Most coaches I seem to run into anymore are all too eager to start spouting out their grand solutions to all your life’s problems without getting to know you. I’ve never felt that way with Leslie. She listens, gets to know what you do, how special it is…and only after she has a good grasp on who you are and how you help others, she’ll share how you can be doing smarter things to make a bigger impact.”

Today, You Have a Choice

You can make the decision to follow that whisper into the unknown OR you can continue to ignore the ringing in your ear that has been trying to awaken you to your true potential.

It’s scary and feels risky, I know. And the success you’ve already had while ignoring that call, makes you wonder if this is just a distraction. But, deep down, you know you’re not where you’re meant to be. And the cost of avoiding your real work is far riskier than taking a chance on the real you.

If you continue as you always have, that part of you that wants to dive in and answer the call will always be wondering, “What if?”. And the people out there who you’re meant to help, the people who are waiting to be inspired by your story and your influence in their life… who will help them?

When you work with me, you’ll be guided by someone who has successfully traveled this road and has come out on the other side with good results. More importantly, I can honestly say that my life is overflowing with joy and fulfillment.

Don’t wait one moment more. It’s time to show yourself what you can really do!

Hi, I’m Leslie!

Whether you’re a person with a bold determination to figure out what you were born to do or an accomplished business owner who’s ready to create an online course or membership, I can help.

I’ve spent most of my life helping business owners, pastors, and other influencers like you accomplish their vision and increase their bottom line. In just one year, I wrote over 1,000,000 words for one client alone!

But, not everything in life is sunshine and rainbows.
Whatever pain you’ve experienced, I can relate on some level.

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